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Aromatherapy - Cat: Conjunctivitis and eye irritation

Aromatherapy - Cat: Conjunctivitis and eye irritation


Your cat has red or watery eyes ? Does your kitten scratch its eyes often ? Are you looking for a natural cleaning solution for your cat's eyes or a supplement to veterinary treatment?


I offer you my synergy based on high quality hydrosol special conjunctivitis and eye irritations for cats.


How to apply it?

Cleanse and wash the eyes with a compress soaked in my aromatherapy synergy to soothe your pet's eye irritation.


Or Eye wash by instilling 2 drops of my synergy for animals, 2 to 3 times a day in each eye of the animal according to the state of the eyes of the cat.

  • Composition

    Chamomile hydrosol, physiological serum

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