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Pet Aromatherapy

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100% Essential and Vegetable Oils (98% Organic)

Aromatherapy is an accompaniment to veterinary treatment - French Artisanal Manufacturing

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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules
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Aromazoo History

UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE CONCEPT: Subtle balance between Aromatherapy and Homeopathy

AromaZoo offers you the synergies of Aromatherapy (essential oils, plants, Organic Hydrosols) and Homeopathy for pets (cat, dog, rodent, horse) as well as for their environment, always gentle for animals


My pets were allergic to common veterinary products and I was keen to find an alternative for them.

Infused by grandparents who were farmers who cared for their animals with herbal home remedies and trained in aromatherapy with a specific curriculum for Pets.


I have created, developed and refined the gentle, healthy and natural synergies for the ailments of our companions. Formulated 100% Essential oils, Vegetables, Hydrosol (98% BIO)

Precious complements to veterinary treatments after diagnosis or preventive treatments for fleas, coughs, gingivitis, otitis, osteoarthritis, wounds .... Also Perfumed Mists with floral hydrosols and vegetable oils.


Our online store assures you of excellent articles respectful of animals, people and the environment Customizable synergies according to the pathology and the animal

Take a look and start shopping today.

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